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Packaged Beef

We sell packaged beef by individual cuts or in discounted bundles.  We will also sell whole and half animals by special request.

We are taking orders for packaged beef that should be ready just before New Years.  75% of the beef we will have available is already spoken for so order soon.  Tenative (pending final quality assessment):  Burger $6/pound; Roasts $7/pound; Sirloins $9/pound, and ribeye/filets $12/pound.  
We offer significant savings compared to the USDA National Monthly Grass Fed Beef Report direct to consumer.  Check out the USDA average prices below.

Packaged beef is sold in bundles with a minimum order of 25 pounds at $6.50/pound.  Bundles contain about 60% hamburger with the balance split between steaks and roasts.  All meat is USDA inspected.  Steaks and roasts are vacuum packed.

Our cows are on pasture every day of their lives.  They are never fed antibiotics or given any growth hormones.  If you are intersted in purchasing meat from a whole animal, contact us now and we can discuss options on how to finish and process a steer for you.

We ship via FedEx or UPS to areas within a two day delivery radius.  We also occassionaly deliver meat to northern Virginia, Atlanta, Houston and St. Petersburg for pick-up.  We charge for shipping costs plus the insulated boxes we use and dry ice.

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